Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One lump or two?

Actually, it's more like 4, but I only noticed one in the beginning.

Yesterday, I changed doctors - from NYU -Dr. Hiotis - to Cornell Weill NY Hospital whatever the hell it's called - Dr. Swistel - head of the breast center.

I meet the new plastic surgeon this Sat. Oct. 1 at 8 am (!) and will most probably have surgery next Thurs or Fri. I think I'll be in hospital 5-8 days. Will have reconstructive surgery at the same time - you know what that means - bye bye left breast, hellooo
whoo hoo! Who wouldn't trade in a lumpy old breast for flat tummy any day of the wk?
Oh, sure, I'll feel like a 7 car pile up on the LIE and I'll have 2 tubes draining viscous fluids out of me, but ... eh, it could be worse.

gotta get some beauty sleep while i still have hair on my head. will fill in rest of the story later.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

after forty years of wear 'n tear, it's time for a tune-up!

in the past wk, i've embarked upon an exciting new adventure. that of professional breast cancer patient.
i only started sept. 9th, but by the 15th i'd graduated to full-fledged bc member.
there's a lot to learn, but the payoff is that all i have to do is trade in my old left boob (i was getting so tired of that thing anyway) and i get a free tummy tuck.
wow, you say, where can i learn more?

here, dear reader...

stay tuned and you'll hear all the titillating details.