Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Stop the presses.
All plans have changed.
I have new doctors/new hospital/new operation on the horizon...

B-Day is this Friday. A day that will live in infamy.

Probably very early - will return home Saturday eve.

Switched to Dr. Alexander Swistel - dir. of Cornell Univ. Weill Breast Center / NY Presbyterian Hospital (the one east of York Ave.)
His office is under the Roosevelt Island tram and next to the Colonial Dames of America building! Plus some other revolutionary museum. Gotta bring Jo for a true "American Girl" experience.

The plastic surgeon has the fanciest shmanciest office ever. A gorgeous mansion a la Age of Innocence. The waiting area could be rented out for weddings. spiral marble staircase, etc. I thought he'd be an old waspy dude but he's youngish and too dark-complexioned to be rate waspy and has a 2 yr old. His sweet ole secretary, Doris, kissed him hello when i went for the appt sat. am (he had just gotten out of surgery). He's gotta be a good guy if his secretary gives him a peck on the cheek like she's his auntie.

I'll have a modified- yet radical- mastectomy (the medical community will no doubt fail to see the humor in this absurd title) w/tissue expanderimplant(if you really MUST know). This will allow for the many joys of chemo (a given) and the possibility of radiation (hope not). Then, if life gets dull and I'm itching for more surgery and home-baked lasagna and lovely cards that make me teary-eyed from friends and family, I can go under for the reconstruction.

I am a bit disappointed that I'll only be in hospital one night. That's just not substantial enough for the loss of a breast that fed two little infants. etc. etc.

I mean how can i REGISTER FOR GIFTS at a major department store or jewelry store or furniture store if I only have 24 hrs in hospital???

Life is so unfair. I mean, it's like the hurricane refugees in the Houston Astrodome and Barbara Bush -- those folks were enjoying the Texas hospitality!

So I wanna get to enjoy the CANCER hospitality. You know, people picking up my dry cleaning, peeling me grapes, popping bonbons into my mouth whilst fluffing up the pillows under me.


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