Thursday, October 06, 2005


just a few more hours left to be intact as the day i was born
can't exactly complain about keeping ole leftie as she has been aiding and abetting the enemy, but it is too damn bizarre to think i just go in and...sayonara. Dr. Swistel promised me he will play taps.

have to go to @5;45 AM! - operation is around 2-3 hrs i think.

i don't think i'll want many visitors at hospital since i'll only be there one night. just in case;

cornell - nypresbyterian
525 E. 68th St.
3 WEST [not a typo - the building is somehow called 3 west. i've never been so can't explain]
the Greenberg Pavillion

i dunno visiting hours or anything as i don't know where i'll be
Drs. Alexander Swistel and LLoyd Gayle

i'll be home Sat. nite or Sunday (if i beg and plead and promise my first born son)
then i've got my sisters scheduled for several days of care - evenings might be ok times for a few visits but i may also be warn out, so stay tuned.
also, i left a sheet so that those kind chefs among you can drop off food at difft. times [not so much room in fridge] - tuck will have to fill this in in order for it to work.

if you do visit, please pay more attention to Jo and Louisa than me (gifts for them will, of course, be most welcome - i'm sure they'd like to register) it'll be good for them and take some pressure off me!

i know that there is at least one person reading this.
can you pls post comments to site? thanks! tuck got me a new laptop so i'll have it closeby...

love on y'all - go get those colons and breasts checked out now!


Anonymous Little Reba said...

Hi Girlie-just thinking aboutcha! much luv :)

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're all waiting with baited breath to hear that everything went well. Glad to see you writing your heart out, and keeping your sense of humor. Visit soon?

Love and all that to Tucker, Jo, to Lu and YOU!

J, J, F, I

3:00 PM  
Anonymous susan said...

hey mama:

georgie, dan and i are thinking about you today and sending lots of love. those surgeons have better have been good to you today and given you loads of pain killers -- and, frankly, i day in the hospital? after seeing your bosom off? unacceptable...

smooches and hugs...


5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing now that the surgery is over, hoping all went perfectly for you.
Let everyone do everything for you as long as you are able. You'll need all the down time you can get.

Love, Laurie

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Beth Rosenberg said...

Beth Rosenberg said...
Just came back from the Greenberg Pavilion at Cornell where Sarah is in her semi-private room being taken care of by sisters Anne and Tracey. Tucker and I spent the day waiting in the family room as Sarah was under. We met with Dr. Gayle--super cute and very very nice who explained to us about an expander and draining. He was very pleased with the way the operation went and he even said that Sarah has great skin and musculature..which S--i know you'll be happy to read! Tucker saw Dr. Swistel after the operation and he also said that everything went great. They are sending reports to pathology to find out the next course of treatment and the report will come back in 5 or so working days which probably means next Friday with the holiday. S is kind of nauseous tnite and she has an intravenous drip and some anti-nausea meds going into her body. But, honestly, from the time we saw her in recovery where I rubbed her feet--which are kind of dry--anyone reading this--please note---we need some feet moisturizer immediately!!--side note--she has the MOST BEAUTIFUL manicure on her toes right now...with a flower thingy on the big toe!!--to the time we left around 6 p.m.--she got the color back in her beautiful face and looked good, but very very tired. That's all to report for tnite. I'm hoping she gets some sleep tnite which will be good for her. If anyone wants to email me for more info--i'm at

8:08 PM  
Blogger Eva said...

Sarah has been a Fairy God-Mother for so many of us.

Brilliant idea to have this place for us to communicate with you and to let us know how we can "be there" for our girl.
You are loved by many.

Thanks so much for the detailed update and keeping us informed about Sarah and family.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous ted muehling inc. said...

want you to know that we are all thinking of you and would love to help at any time in any capacity. We are all close by.
Perhaps a funny story about Tim?
Yesterday we were putting things away up front and heard a bellowing: "I'm an Aztec God" We went behind the wall and Tim had a cardboard box taped to his face and was stomping around with his arms stretched out. Also he is taking Karate. His teacher is Master Herbert. Tim claims to be perfecting the "broken wind fist"
We will continue to check out the blog
Love Team Muehling

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so happy to read that you're out of the OR with good results, good company and with your pedicure in top condition.let us know what presents the girls would enjoy receiving and when you're ready for visits and pampering.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss you girl. can't stop thinking about you. i tried to do a positive thing while you had this done. i had an apt to meet with my favorite gem dealers. i bought the most beautiful amethyst stones-huge! ones that would make liz taylor cry...
hope you are feeling better. much love to all. xxoo mia

9:35 AM  
Anonymous cathy said...


Thank GOD for your blog so I can find out what 's going on with you almost as it happens! What did we do before the internet? I was so worried, and now to know you're home and typing away already is a big relief. (And the details from your friends are much appreciated.)


sending you and T, J & L much love and positive rock and roll vibes. xo cathy

p.s. Very clever of you to have breast cancer surgery in order to get Tucker to buy you a new Powerbook....what do you have to do for nanopod?

p.p.s. Note my use of a sick woman's blog for my own link ...haha...didn't want to disappoint you by not promoting something!

1:09 AM  

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