Sunday, October 09, 2005


for all of you blogging initiates, pls check on the comments in orange underneath my post - then you can see what everyone else is writing.
the advantage is that tucker or other family/friends may be updating y'all on the many fascinating details of my recovery (i.e., "she threw up twice last nite!" OR "she's taking a nap!")
if anyone knows how to get other people's comments to show up on the big screen, please enlighten me.
thanks for all the emails and calls and flowers and diamonds - oh, wait, none of you sent diamonds (yet)


Blogger Susan Yelavich said...

Wow, good to hear from you. Can't believe you've got me blogging...swore I never would...but for you sweetie, anything...glad they didn't cut out your funny bone while they were in there and so so glad to hear Tucker say you came thru "perfectly"...excellent choice of words ... will come by after school some day in the next 2 weeks, unless you need anything sooner, then give a holler. I figure you will be deluged with company and might want some help later the meantime, MIKECASEY and I send our love.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Stephania said...

Sarah, being on the other coast I am not able to hand deliver my home made enchaladas, but I will start digging in the back yard and in Golden Gate park for diamonds. Thinking 10 karat will do? We all send you karats of love!
xox, S, C, W +S

9:23 PM  

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