Tuesday, October 25, 2005


i'm trying to catch y'all up with all that happened last week.

dr. swistel said that overall, the pathology was favorable.
[her2 negative - herceptin does not apply to me (in case you were wondering)
estrogen and progesterone positive
2 positive lymph nodes besides sentinel node]
doesn't think i'll need radiation

re: how i'm feeling
i'll summarize by saying, the most reliable antidote to pain is ....surprise - shopping!
that's what kirsten and i did on friday after PT (physical therapy).
we kept looking at items in barneys and saying, "hmmm, this pretty sweater... or a consultation w/an oncologist? i can't decide which i need more!"
this, after i found out the recommended onco's consultation fee was $400-$700.
turned out the dr's fee was ONLY $600 (no insurance, thank you very much) but his new assistant charged me...
ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. to talk. and to ck my boob or lack thereof.
that said, i thought the guy was really great - bernard kruger. especially after he called me up (himself) to say that i was overcharged. what a bargain!. no, really, he was a doll. but his office was a rabbit warren of cubbyholes - i thought i saw a very pregnant woman with an IV in one of the cramped corners. not such a nice spot for chemo i thought. plus, that little detail of no insurance. lovely man, though.

made a bunch more appts today w/other oncos, but not for another wk or two.
then i spoke to dr. at sloan kettering - thru a friend's connection - and she can squeeze me in friday for a consult and friday the 4th for my first chemo.


AC +T (rec. by both drs.) every two wks (T follows the AC) then tamoxifen or something like it for 5 yrs...etc.
there are more details to this but if you understand and want to know more, you can ask me.
and yes, i will be bald. or wigged. bewigged. or wiggy. wigged out.

time to rest my corpuscles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi sv, I'm not good in english and I'm afraid that what I'm going to say will sound as the same sweet and meaningless thing. I will try anyway: my mum had two breast cancers, the last only 2 years after the first one. I would like to tell u so many things, I'd be glad to answer to your questions.
I see u're doing very well, u're doing exactly what my mum did last time. So, just keep on being so courageous and enjoy shopping (we used to go shopping like once every 3 days ;). It has been so hard, but it's such a pleasure to get back to normal life (and it's easy too!). My email is fra_zzz(AT)hotmail.com.

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello lovie,
you shop girl. this lovely person that left you a note has no idea(sweet as she is)...shopping for some, every 3 days may be ok but, i know you...and i would be out there every day if i needed it. even if it was only to buy new polish for my toes.
i like the sound of the report.
do you want me to cut your hair for you? whatever-any style-your pick. we could try out 100. just wanted to offer if you wanted it. much love to you, tuck and the girlies. xxxooo maria
happy birthday early!

12:38 PM  

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