Saturday, October 29, 2005

MSK onco

so i met dr. jacquie bromberg for literally 5 minutes and liked her again.
will do some compulsory tests next wk - heart scan, pregnancy test (as if), blood work and SAT's (joking) - then start chemo either the 4th or 7th
she only sees patients on fridays so if that schedule is not good and i feel too sick over the wkends, i can see larry norton on mondays (he's a big shot there - "maybe i've seen him on TV?")
i'd also have to give MYSELF A SHOT [of neupagen/neulastin] on saturdays if i see her on fridays. i don't see that happening. volunteers?

the chemo area is pretty decent - has an atrium, you can shut the door to your little room or open it, watch tv, etc.
the pervasive smell of really bad coffee has me a tad worried tho as that was a major nauseating factor when i was pregnant.

chemo lasts 4 mths
4 treatments of adriamycian/cytoxan [these are the baldy drugs] every 2 wks - takes an hour ea. time
4 treatments of taxol every 2 wks - iv takes 3 hrs

forgot to ask about getting a port or not.
there are other details i'll discuss w/her next wk like steroids, anti-emetics, etc.

it was funny going to meet her. i starting thinking about all these good signs i'd had recently (whatever works, you know) like that a white feather floated out of the sky right to me the other day (even tho it was probably from a dirty old pigeon), that a little white fluff like dandelion down floated up to me on the 3rd floor outside louisa's classroom yesterday, that i passed some pipes on a bldg that had a tiny little plaque that said SV right at eye level...
then i thought about how a bus on first ave. had nearly just clocked me w/it's side mirrors while i was waiting on the sidewalk for the light to change.sigh

i got to the famous MSK Evelyn Lauder bldg at the address the dr. gave me - but it's called the Bristol bldg so i pass it at first, then the doorman has never heard of bromberg and she's not on the directory [she mostly does BC research], but another mentally-handicapped doorman knows she works w/norton, so they send me downstairs to a reception desk where the woman doesn't seem to know dr. bromberg and i am not in the computer (which is about to shut down in 5 minutes and is causing panic among the staff), so she sends me to another desk and receptionist who knows bromberg but i still don't exist...
anyway, i get in as you've already read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tough that they see you for such a little time, but it sounds like you've got the "top" folks, so I guess that's the way it works. Most important is that you like her!

I'm with you on the shot thing: can tucker do it for you?


1:35 PM  
Blogger sv said...

yeah, since she is a researcher, she only has one day w/patients.
did i mention that her explanation for not having her name on the directory in lobby was "I don't want patients." to which i replied, "BUT you want ME right?"
that was the only time i got a little bit nervous about going to her. if she'd rather look thru a mircroscope than talk to me, i don't wanna be there. but i'm pretty sure it was one of those weird slips as i'd even asked her on the phone who she'd recommend to take care of me there and she volunteered.

my real appt. w/her is next friday.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous susan said...

hey mama:

thinking of you and wondering how everything's going.

you know, my brother-in-law is being treated at MSK and he's having a rather miraculous turnaround from a very obscure and exceedingly hard to treat cancer. honestly, don't think you could be at a better place.

sending love love love.


4:50 AM  
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