Sunday, October 09, 2005

OPERATION Radical Modified - a not-so Modest Proposal

operation radical modified is pronounced a modestly ratified success
-yes, i'm taking painkillers-
but it went well i am told - get the pathology results in about a wk. that determines the next step. the breast surgeon Swistel stopped by my hospital room for a social call (charming man that he is), but i don't actually HAVE to see him again for a year. we'll talk about the pathology results tho. that's it? he takes my breast and it's over? sheesh.

my follow up visits will be w/dr gayle, the plastic man. and then with an oncologist.

i go to Gayle on thursday. for the first saline booster shot. hopefully drain will come out then. inconveniently poking out of my armpit. sorry to be so graphic - but i figure you want all the gory details or you wouldn't be reading.

i'm walking around and talking on phone and, yes, blogging. it is strangely manageable and not so dramatic.
i took a "basic" yoga class instead of "advanced" today.

margot's friend, Liz, said you can get used to anything. i know this is the case about what is under the cotton, velcro-closure bra and gauzey lumps but i think i'll keep popping my denial pills a little bit longer. just a warning in case you want to visit - don't know when i will be up to showering.

keep writing here and checking those comments


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello? yoga? what? was that a joke? if it was i did not get it because no sleep last night...
glad to hear you are up and about. no worries about showering. we will take you as you are. but, it always makes me feel better!
much love, maria

10:24 AM  
Anonymous dianadarling said...

Hi Sarah, this is Deedee on dial-up from Bali. You're a glorious girl. The real you is perfect, so don't worry. Wish I could be there, though, and do something useful. We're saving a place for you here at the house. Come whenever you're ready. Tons of love to you.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously, Verdone! yoga?! i knew you were a tough cookie, but what about just lying around and letting people cater to you? so very happy to hear you are home and on the mend. will be bringing love and presents (i know, LOTS of presents!) this week. meanwhile, am sending lots of super strong healing energy in your direction (#3A, right?) xoxo,

11:06 AM  
Anonymous emily said...


good lord, I turn my back for one minute...sheesh.

I think it's true that you can get used to anything, and you seem to be adapting beautifully and funnily just the way I would expect you to.

you really are amazing.

oh I am so happy you are doing well.

thinking about you often. hoping to see you soon.


5:30 PM  
Anonymous kate said...


am impressed you are up and already thinking about diamonds. that's wonderful daahling but
why don't you try for emeralds too as they show off your eyes so beautifully AND when you're drippin' with 'em who cares if you've showered or not?

I'm sending you much much love (and a little something else in the mail)

6:55 PM  

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