Wednesday, October 19, 2005

this one's for deb

here is the crazy thing about all of this:
that all this great, funny stuff happens in spite of/because of the cancer thing. [i already have a hard time saying "i have cancer" because i figure that since the operation, i don't]
like the day after i got home from the hospital two of my sisters were here to take care of me, along with tucker, and my sister-in-law had the girls so we made popcorn and ate Jacques Torres chocolate while watching 'the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! i was like, "whoa! this is worth a unilateral mastectomy!"
sorry, really, it was very memorable


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post. Can't agree that it was worth the Mastectomy, but wonderful to hear you you had a great day. Personally I'm not a big Jaques Torres fan,: if it had been Mel Gibson.....- now THAT would be worth it!


9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, clearly the BC crap has made me lose my mind. Just re-read your post and realized that Jacque Torres is a CHOCOLATE, not a GUY!!!....Oh well, shows you where my head goes for comfort......

9:17 AM  

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