Monday, October 17, 2005

y-not me?

i really didn't want to ck out this site because i think the name is offensive
but maybe this link would be useful to friends/family -
not that you aren't all doing a FABULOUS job already. really. thank you thank you thank you.
and for those who have seen "the effect of gamma rays on man-in-the-moon marigolds,"
"my heart is full"
or whatever it was the joanne woodward slurred (i think i was 11 when i saw that)

anyway, y-the hell NOT me? y-not anyone? y-not wynonna judd (name of a judd's song)?
y couldn't you be in my shoes right now (well, besides the fact that i'm not wearing any shoes at the moment, but that's irrelevant) and vice versa (i mean, if i like them and all - you know, all those yrs of sigerson morrison do change a girl)
if tsunamis and hurricanes and earthquakes and mudslides and lightning and 5 million other horrific, random events (i don't think i need to list em all) can happen to "those people" why not me/us/you/i? just stands to reason. ain't no brave thang.
i am a big baby who wants attention which is why people write blogs i think (but they are too shy -or sensible - to become thespians) only now the BC has caused me to throw caution to the wind. well, i actually was a karaoke enthusiast before this happened so i actually have no excuse.

so the y-not me has a 24 hr hotline for patients and family and a write-in-yr question section. useful.

oh, if i hear that phrase, "pity party" again i'm gonna puke. chemo or no chemo.


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