Sunday, November 20, 2005

2nd chemo down

and feelin' fine
i should be in bed now preparing for my evening of ROCK tomorrrow
Cathy does Cheap Trick followed by a Led Zep set - Arlene's Grocery - the magic starts at 9:30

i feel like a chemo cheat writing this. that i should return all gifts and well wishes. i am doing surprisingly ok. thus, i have more time on my hands than i thought, but yet not enough hours in the day still. could be that ear infection that cut into my schedule.

wait a minute. not so fast. i'm keeping the dog, Checkers.

i had a really crappy day on wed, remember when i was exhausted and reduced to tears several times due to idiots and insurance? and how bout this...
on friday i took half a vicodin cuz thursday was my LAST saline fill and it was so huge and grotesque and throbbing and i didn't think i should go into chemo in pain. it doesn't resemble anything human - kinda like amanda lepore.
then when i showed the doc she got freaked out (she also said GOOD GOD when she saw my valve for it 2 wks ago which was a weensy bit alarming but i have to remember that she's a researcher and doesn't see as many patients as the next oncologist).
she asked why i even have an expander when i'm getting a tramflap/DIEP which somehow i could not adequately explain, so she called a surgeon who said the expander was not necessary (you see where this is going, right?) so then she calls my PS office to ask Pam about it and SHE explains it of course, and says to send me over to leach out a bit o saline so i can be more comfy and less bulbous. this sets back the chemo time a bit. i finally go in a chemo room around 4 rather than 2:15 and as i am so accustomed to waiting for an hour everywhere i go (and beth is w/me and we're chatting) i end up waiting about an hour before finding out they totally forgot about me. we left at 5:30.

[did i mention that happened on Louisa's bday at the PS office too? that time, i even SAID HELLO to the receptionist, she waved Hi to me, i sat in the palatial waiting room of the renovated marble mansion - perhaps too far away - and she told Pam i had not shown up yet. When i asked how much longer the wait would be she said, "When did you get here?" RRARAAAAAAAARGH. i like her though. she was just tired that day. and not an idiot like SHE who shall not be named yet...

On Friday the onco and i had a conversation about Dionne - whom she referred to as a "bimbo" and a "booboo head" and said that she knows "zippo" about cancer (when i asked if she knew anything, etc). so i think it's time for a letter to her and the other top guy to take some action. other than the voodoo doll i've started, that is.

Many have asked so i'll give some chemo facts again:
it's an IV drip - takes an hour - every 2 wks on fridays.
the next day i go get a $4000 shot of white blood cell booster - causes some aches in major osso bucco areas like thighs, spine, sternum
the first 8 chemos are adriamyocian and cytoxan which make hair fall out
the second 8 chemos is taxol which takes 3 hrs to drip
the docs think i will sail thru nausea-wise but that the fatigue may be cumulative.
the social worker - who doesn't always say the most helpful things (see last entry) - said that if this part is easy, the taxol may be harder. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR RAINING ON MY PARADE.

my hair is due to start falling out right around thanksgiving. thus, in desperation, bought a 14th st wig today. the price was oh so right at 29.99 but i fear it kinda looks it. just tell me it looks ok. actually, don't bother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sarah,
wondering how things are going? love to all.
xxooxxoo maria

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was downtown Yellow Springs yesterday and saw some nice scarves and wondered if I should get one and send it to you. Then I thought, what if she gets offended, hates the color, thinks it looks cheap/is, of course and as usual, I did nothing. But I sent good and warm thoughts your way (cheaper, too) but would love to be of service to you, if I could.
Love, Laurie

12:51 PM  
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