Monday, November 28, 2005

bald-headed woman

My father could not understand that 1970's BeeGees hit, "Bald-Headed Woman"
Why? he'd ask
Now I AM THAT WOMAN. More than a woman in fact.
as of last wed - the exact day the oncology nurse told me my hair would come out in clumps and to get ready (aka, shave it)
i've had 2 GI Jane comments...
Took the holiday away from email, in case anyone is wondering where i've been.
i'll fill in blog tomorrow. jo was home sickish today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

was wondering what was up. not like you to go so long with your blog updates.
sorry to hear about your hair. want to know who said something about gi jane...
will be in town friday. wanna have lunch?
xo maria

7:28 AM  
Blogger sv said...

hey maria
friday is chemo day
you're welcome to join me and beth up at the fab breast center on 64th st. it's a lot of sitting around and flipping thru mags.
xo sv

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi sarah --
oh how i wish i could just drop by to see you! i think of you daily, and love hearing your voice through your blog.
i clipped something out of real simple a while back and have been carrying it around in my notebook ever since, for inspiration. it's from their monthly contest where people write in and this one was about being yourself, and the winner was marty craig "from out in beaumont, texas." she wrote, "I would have rejoiced in the image in my mirror every day, knowing that i would never be younger or prettier. Instead I worried about pimples, body fat, and clothes. During chemo treatments, I looked in the mirror at my bald head and realized for the first time that I was beautiful and loved. I regret having wasted all that time wanting to be something I already was. I wish all women everywhere could rejoice in the beauty that is theirs every day."
just felt like sharing that, as i picture you more beautiful than ever.
love love love,

10:24 AM  
Blogger FDF said...

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