Saturday, November 05, 2005

chemo starts monday

four mth treatment starts monday

finally got scheduled after spending the entire day friday at/around msk.
love the doc and nurses but wanted to kill the assistant after she sent me to the wrong place at main hospital THEN gave the receptionist there a hard time.
then a mean russian technician did my heart echo test - making me breathe, then hold breath 100 times. she got testy when i didn't catch on to what the hell she was trying to do or when i interrupted her by - excuse me - BREATHING. i wrote a complaint/suggestion on a post-it for the dept head to ck out.

when i left hospital, a guy was sitting on a bench in front w/an IV pole and some kind of drip goin in him. Chemo to go?
Guess that was the drive thru.

in addition to adriamycian and cytoxan for first 2 mths, i get steroids and anti-emetics (nausea) drugs in IV, plus some to take at home as well as attavan at night which is a tranquilizer that happens to have anti-nausea properties
next day i go back for a shot of neulastin which boosts white blood cells (cost=$3000+ per shot) - side effect of this med is that it makes your bones ache - hips, breastbone, thighs - where the bone marrow is (think osso bucco)

side effect of it all: hair loss in about 2 wks,
steroids can make u jittery and also gain weight
anti-nausea drugs can make u wanna eat (constantly) etc

tuck is going to first treatment w/me.

just in case you don't know what chemo is like - you sit in comfy recliners w/an IV drip (my dr. doesn't like to put in ports) and read magazines and chat w/whomever you bring along...I'm already starting to catch up on kate getting caught, and brad/angelina/jen/vince, and other important world news. don't ask me to name the justices of the supreme court tho.

perhaps this will be a good time to learn italian? oh no, then if i get sick, i'll equate speaking italian w/feeling like crap (or crappola)-- hmm, forse


Anonymous Anonymous said...

$3000 a shot!!!! oh my, i could think of so many other lovely things to spend $3000 on!!! wow, the US is out of control! we sould not have to pay for such crap!!! sorry they were so mean to you. why can't people be nice to each other? esp in situations like this?! why?
love to you my sweet. at least you don't have to give yourself those shots on saturdays...
xxxooo maria

7:59 AM  

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