Wednesday, November 16, 2005


this has been the week of no sleep
lou developed an ear infection sun. nite. we've "slept" on the living room floor, watched one particular sesame street video 20 times (good tunes) -- and i'm feeling totally run down just in time for 2nd chemo tomorrow. [my chemo schedule will be every other friday]
yesterday, Heart and I went on a wig mission and came back hairless.
the first one i tried on at a very unglamorous joint on 31st was great but just way too itchy. if they can sew a lining into it i might be able to wear it for about 5 mintues without ripping it off my head and stomping on it. $250. it costs $5 to try on each wig in these kind of places.
next we went to a much bigger/more specialized office with a distinctly not warm and not fuzzy russian woman who would just go into some back stock room and pull out ugly wigs and stick em on my head and say that they looked good. the last one we troubled her for was the least hideous and only $595. the wig style name was Sarah.
insurance does not cover "head protheses" [what a surprise] but my flex plan does.
at least it was fun hanging out w/Heart.
Phys therapy was great as usual but the rest of the afternoon frustrated me to tears many times - no one at MSK seemed to have ever heard about getting a CBC [white blood cell count] before going to a plastic surgeon for a fill-up. i had to explain it to 5 people AND get Pam the PS nurse to call my dr's stupid asst to get any answers. When i called the ever-helpful Dionne and asked to have Dr. B call me back re: this matter, she told me "All's I can do is have the nurse call you back." I plot her death daily.
Can't MSK afford people who can speak English properly and perhaps tell you that they will TRY to help you instead of leaving you with the feeling that:
a. they have never heard of breast cancer before
b. you could rot in hell for all they care
i resolved it by going to get a prescription from pam, walking back to MSK and explaining myself 5 times (but first i went into the ladies room and nearly bumped into an older woman with a bad wig and a runny nose and a mouth covered in sores - that was the first time i burst into tears).
When i went to my first support group meeting (maybe my last?) last wk, i said that i don't really get upset about having this disease but that i get really angry about all the logistics/scheduling -- i.e., DIONNE. the social worker said, "oh, so you're the kinda person who goes home and kicks the dog." No, I just wanna kick Dionne - right off the staff. actually, i said the difference here is that there is a real reason for me getting mad. Dionne is not as smart as a dog.


Blogger katie said...

strangely glad to see you a mad--a little bile is good for the system (be it your own or some crappy corporate medical institutions').try this:
luckily, it's not what you think, although i would have been curious to see what they had to offer...

7:22 PM  

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