Thursday, November 10, 2005


i've been waiting,
and waiting,
to write about the first round of chemo
because it just doesn't seem possible that i am feeling this fine
but i am.
no nausea to speak of
a bit of fatigue and bone achiness
just can't believe it
not that i'm expecting this every week, but it's been nice
i've just used the word "nice" while talking about chemotherapy
[it's nice to be nice to the nice, as frank burns once said.]

if you think i am being some kind of brave little trooper (or toaster), read this:
after my first chemo treatment on monday, tuck and i stopped in capezio to buy louisa some dance tights, then i went to tender buttons and bought a little wooden monkey as talisman to hang from a gold kilt pin. next i met friend for lunch at barney's, followed by shopping in the BG beauty basement for deluxe potions, unguents and balms. [have i mentioned the idea i have for another blog? it was GOING to be called "the nauseated shopper" - an index of everything purchased during BC treatment - but i think it will have to be the "nauseating shopper" because the support group gals will hate me for not puking!]

"the ladies who lunch" vs. "the ladies who LOSE their lunch"


Anonymous Kate said...

very funny. ha ha. girl you're a crack up. lunch at of my favorite things to do. shopping for beauty items also on top of my list. i'm slightly jealous of this and also let's face it, you're funnier than me. xo

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just wanted to touch base and see how you were doing. I’m starting to be lucid (maybe) but can’t write much as it aggravates my right side where I had the mastectomy. Aiden has been melting down big time and is teething since we got home (Sat) so there has been little quiet around here. What posts didn’t mention is that he cracked his head and had to have stitches on Thursday (surgery day) ; Brian got the call from the Nanny 1 hour before surgery. Poor Brian, I can’t imagine how stressed out he was (I didn’t find out until 24 hrs later).

Things are slowly starting to settle down around here…..(and we are up to our eyeballs in chili 8)

Your BM Buddy,

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Lorraine said...

Sara, i've been thinking of you since the run-in at PQ (i was in NYC two days, both days people insisted on meeting me at a PQ in different parts of the city...
i'm hoping that the benign effects of the beginning of the treatment are still the status quo, and that the comfy chairs are not too icky a tint of more calls at dinner time, I'll keep checking in on to you and all....

5:50 PM  

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