Tuesday, November 01, 2005

locker room

on my bday, i went to clay (thanks to my benefactress the fabulous ms.egan) and rode the bike whilst reading my chemo book.
that may sound grim but it was really nice - except that every once in a while i'd read something about mouth sores or muscle aches. and i was conscious of trying to hide the cover (not that anyone would ever strike up a conversation in that place). and then i got a lovely chilled herb-scented washcloth out of the little fridge but then wondered if they were actually for wiping off the equipment. fancy gym etiquette issues! (they were not). the other thing i had to hide was in the locker room. i wondered if i should take all my clothes into the shower w/me so as not to freak anyone out w/my scar. i opted for clumsily trying to keep the towel wrapped around me every second while getting dressed - kind of like little girls who hit that painfully modest stage.

i've gone to gyms for almost 20 yrs and never seen anyone w/any kind of breast scarring - where are they all hiding? in the shower?


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