Sunday, November 20, 2005

On the Front Lines of Stella Mc at H&M

This is from my friend, Svenja, intrepid reporter braving the front lines of fashion...
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:04:00 -0500
Subject: retail madness

So, on my way to the trendwatching seminar I am attending today, I figured I might as well live what I am about to be lectured about.
Today, as advertised everywhere (and worst of all, on daily candy-lines here I come) was the introduction of Stella McCartney's line at H&M. So, here I was, heading to the Harold Square store half an hour before the doors would open, of course there was already a line around the corner. Great people watching and listening in on conversations. Quite a few people were there with a similar intent as mine, just look and see what it's all about.

10am, the doors open. Women start running and pusing into the two

Lesson 1: The merchandise was displayed up front.
Bring a friend or make friends or come really early to scope out what of the items are closer to what entrance.

Lesson 2: Upon entering, either step back and watch in awe or don't hesitate and start grabbing whatever you are close to,
multiples. Don't look or reason, just gather as much as possible. Again,for that it'd be good to be there with shopping partners to come in from all angles.

Lesson 3: After all those racks are empty and only then (2min after you entered the store), you find a group of people and start sorting through your things and offer bartering for what others don't want. Watch out for the 'I'll sell things I don't want on eBay crowd', no need to be close to them.

Lesson 4: If you didn't go in with a strategy, loiter around the cash registers, a lot of things are just thrown carelessly into the bins there, the last minute don't-want-it piles...

Lesson 5: Keep an eye on the sales people, they might have gathered some stuff and might put out some more accessories. Oh, and also just watch them,comrades in awe...

Lesson 6: If you do end up with some pieces, don't bather trying
them on, afterall you can always return them or sell them to your friends or sell them on eBay, go right to the top floor to the
cashiers and be friendly to people in line, they even take down your phone number, in case that coat is too big for their friend...

Lesson 7: Step outside and breathe in deeply, take
in what justhappen andwalk down the avenue briskly, swinging your Stella H&M bag: That's right, I was there, I did it!

So, in summary, I did end up with a few pieces.
Frankly, I'm not sure whether I really like them or whether they will actually fit. But hey, I couldn't help myself, got swept up by all the madness and desire... I wonder how many people feel the same...

One thing is for sure, it was worth the trip! A true immersion in NYC consumerism, 11 all the way!


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