Tuesday, November 01, 2005


last wk i was seeing "GO SV" signs everywhere (see previous post)
yesterday i went w/my friend rie to get pedicures, but i decided against it because i'm too paranoid about getting an infection right now so i just sat and relaxed in the comfy massage chair, but then i worried that i was irradiating myself w/microwaves, and a little cockatiel in a cage whistled to us which i thought was very sweet until i made a mental note not to go back there as i might contract avian flu or some other bird-related respiratory ailment, then i noticed the sign above the bird - the salon is called BC! stands for Beauty Concepts -- or does it?

whew. it's so exhausting being paranoid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That microwave comment is a blast from the past. I remember when you interviewed for that job and asked about the electromagnetic spectrum and cathode ray tubes. I happen to be fond of the infrared portion of the spectrum myself. Heating pads and toasters are a boon to mankind. "Ray"

8:51 PM  

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