Sunday, December 04, 2005


catchin up on the 2nd chemo - slept the whole day after my big nite out...but that was a wk ago?
then worried about the wig and impending hair clumps.
the short version is that i got my head shaved by the beloved Heart -- exactly the day that the MSK nurse said my hair would fall out. the nite before there were an alarming number of hairs on the pillowcases and a scarf. i really didn't need more than one giant clump.
i went w/rie who - serendipitously - had her head set on bright red hair. so we were the cueball and japanese cartoon character superduo. Heart also cut cool shaggy layers into my cheap wig but it was like wearing a 50s crinoline slip on my head.
i wore it to thanksgiving lunch at my mom's asstd living place but that was it. fit right in. scarves from then on.
(thanks to eva and kirsten for the fab assortments)

mouth sores and a cold head dominated the holiday wkend along w/impending sniffles. then, i get back to nyc (from riverhead house) and warmed up. sores cleared up, energy returned and felt fine again.

then -- chemo #3 on friday the 2nd (happy bday Ray) - accompanied by my trust companion, B.
an uneventful chemo except for the fact that maria stopped by and gave me an incredible pair of peach moonstone earrings (don't be jealous of my cancer)!!

wow, it was like the chemo fairy came to visit.

thanks to Nes for the good mojo!

shot yesterday. saw the beautiful bald, asian woman getting her last neulasta at the 'injection clinic'.
went to dance theater workshop yesterday to a fun xmas performance w/kids and friends. cracked nutcrackers.

today, sorted thru kids toys upon threat that they would not receive new ones for xmas unless they reduced their inventory. then i slept for 4 hours. i never knew how to nap before, but i'm becoming quite proficient. making up for all those nites of breastfeeding years ago?

that reminds me -- TMI warning -- the feeling i'd get after the tissue expansions reminded me of a milk letdown sensation (not the pain - the initial weird feeling). seemed such a bittersweet twist on it all.


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