Thursday, December 22, 2005


Good thing I got that AC treatment in before the transit strike - altho they say it's ending tomorrow.
Even Bloomberg mentioned the poor people who couldn't get to their chemo treatments due to the strike.

I must have used every ounce of strength up with my intrepid shopping at the Craftacular on Saturday [got some great fabric from ReproDepot, mypapercrane stuff, and this cute ghost painting by another girl whose name i don't know (note:
sign the back!)] because I've been totally pooped all wk. Like they told me, the fatigue is cumulative.

I slept Sunday thru Wed and barely left the house - doing xmasy stuff and hanging w/girls. Molly made it in today so I went out and tried to get a few things at the Strand but was in a total daze. Now I've sent Tuck and girls off to an xmas party and I'm having a date w/my new couch.

My scalp is feeling sore again and the little stubble I had comes out in my fingernails if I scratch my head. My head's looking a bit mangy now. Guess I should walk get me to a barber shop and shave it clean but I'm attached to those 2cm long hairs. The other new side effect is a constant eye tearing...kinda got a handle on that by smearing my face w/vaseline - so I've got bright red, chapped skin around and under my eyes that shines like -- well, insert your holiday metaphor here.

I'll spare you details of the digestive tract issues...

Still, the nausea has never gotten as bad for me as it has for many friend. I feel lucky so far. Crossing my fingers re: the taxol. Treatment will be Jan. 3rd and will continue every other Tuesday (4 sessions in all). My doc is switching her days to cover for Larry Norton's patients which means I'll probably have a 3 hr wait to see her rather than a 2 hr wait. I was amazed looking at Michelle's farewell chemo photos - my team will probably just give me a squeeze as they run to the next patient.


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