Friday, December 23, 2005

mmm, mmm, good!

I'm warm from my mottled bald head down to my cashmere ped covered toes thanks to the fine home cookin' of delisht nutrionisht meg grosswendt. She fixed up a mean lentil/mushroom stew for me, delivered in vacuum-sealed pouches no less, accompanied by scrumptious cashmere peds from Land's End.
How, you ask, may I enjoy such healthy, wholesome meals? Meg, send yr website or email here and I'll link to you GRATIS.

Spent a long time scrubbin my noggin this am in the shower - all that luxurious stubble down the drain. So long GI Jane, hello Kojak. I used my electric razor (purchased after the surgery because I have to be extra careful about nicks and cuts and getting infected especially near my left arm) to go for the full monty but ran out of patience. So it's just a scruffy mix of nubs & anemic white skin - like those aliens on Star Trek that had really big brainy heads (that my sister and I giggled at cuz they looked like heineys-sp?).

On that silly note, think I'll go out in daylight soon before it's gone, soak up some Vitamin D.


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