Friday, December 16, 2005

Mommy Long Legs

Who says cancer has no perks?
You know, people always knock it, but my backside is here to tell you that sometimes the big C pays in mysterious ways. It is seated right now on the fluffy cushions of a beautiful new sofa, surrounded by lovely throw pillows and covered in a blanket which resembles a flayed poodle hide (feels great!).
Thank you to all the gang for chipping in and making me so comfy and cozy! You've finally stifled my incessant caterwauling about the former revolting sofa. And even Tucker likes it!
Can you believe that? An embarrassment of riches I tell ya. That is what cancer can be sometimes.

Don't ask me what it is tomorrow tho -- as I've said. Last chemo of 2005. Last AC. My fuzz is still there but comes out all over my hands when I try to oil my itchy head (grease it up w/some crisco every now and then). I hope I get to keep my eyebrows and eyelashes but I'm not counting on it (according to some friends). I haven't worn the wig since Thanksgiving day and don't intend to. I love wearing a variety of scarves - found some Liberty of London silk paiseys at a thrift store the other day to add to the collection. Was very disappointed that I lost an ebay auction for a totally psychelic scarf of large giraffes which I didn't realize I absolutely NEEDED as much as oxygen itself until it was cruelly taken away from me (by a bid of $5.24 no less).

ebay is a form of crack. i hate biddings and auctions and the whole sport of beating people out of something at the last second that they thought they'd already bought. and ebay is based on people giving the least possible amount of info on items so that you might mistakenly think something is better than it is, but the seller has not actually said so in so many words. ugh. almost everything i bid on for xmas gifts, i did not "win." I didn't want to "win" anything! I wanted to BUY some gifts. If i go to a bazaar in Fez or a market in Beijing or Bombay, I'm going to write SUCKER on my forehead to make it easier.

must get some sleep since i was up until 3 last nite between the compulsive surfing and jo coughing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have to say that i hate these random "people" that leave you comments...just when i think i am going to read some note from someone who either knows, cares or loves is a damn add! why do they feel the need to add their two cents?
well, i love you sv. i have been thinking of you and i am sooooooo happy you have a new couch! about time! do you guys have your tree? are you all staying home for the holidays?
thought of you and our days at tm today. i was in a tiny yet lovely shop in eh. they have tm candel sticks (the glass ones) and annette ferdnansen (sp?) and 10,000 things...annette and 10,000 were on sale! (gasp!?) i don't ever want to be on sale like that! how could they do this to them?! would they have bought the work to be able to do that? oi.
anyways, loads of love to all. hope to see you soon. big xo maria

9:01 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

Congrats on making it through AC. Now four rounds of Taxol?

6:36 AM  

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