Saturday, December 03, 2005


Time for me to pontificate a bit...
Being the cancer queen and all up here on my throne
(which is actually a disgusting 10 yr old sofa that i paid $400 for at the Door Store --completely stained, cushions ripped and polyester fiberfill poking out, arms reduced to fabric-covered wooden planks w/no stuffing, springs showing thru the back)

If you have not had a mammo - even a baseline one - you need to go do it. Insurance or not. Figure out a way.
ANd if I may borrow from my spouse's cancer - go get a colonoscopy while you're at it. The prep for it is yucky but you're out for the procedure so it's no big deal.

The reason people die young from cancer is that we don't expect young people to get it. (don't know if this is true at all, just sounded reasonable).
I, for instance, did not rush out on my 40th bday to get my mammo. I waited until the summer, until I found a very definite lump, and then I waited a few wks more, and I got the mammo, the sonogram, the needle biopsy all in one big shebang. And by 41 I had one breast. So there.

And while I'm at it (and since I used to be at it - and reformed users are always the most obnoxious), quit smoking for crying out loud. I don't wanna be pushing anyone around in their wheelchair w/their oxygen tank in the future (did it already with my father-in-law - no fun).

OK, now I need to get me to a dermatologist to ck out some mole on my back. My last favorite carcinogen - the sun. (oh, not counting hair dye, etc)


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