Tuesday, December 13, 2005


the best thing about Xmas shopping is that i get to obsessively surf the net for obscure gifts
(the sad part is, it's gettin kinda late)

my fave for every kid's xmas list are plushies or cuddlers or weird crazy cute dolls made by crafty folks all over creation!
I especially love the food dolls: Mr. Pickles, Burnt Toast, Mean Larry Lambshanks...
ck out the links in sidebar!

a few (very very few) of you knew my previous blog - attnshoppers.blogspot.com (which i abandoned as i do most projects)
there i forecasted the sales potential of giantmicrobes.com - which are now featured in MOMA's SAFE show!!!! coincidence?

listen, forget ugly dolls (which have actually been out for years but are suddenly really popular - i pitched an article on them 2 yrs ago - or maybe i MEANT to pitch an article and never got around to doing it? well, anyhow) because these one of a kind dolls are totally genius/unique (for now, until they're in a MOMA show) and i am letting you in on the ground floor.
no, i am not accepting kickbacks from any of the dollmakers (yet)
just a fan

if you still doubt my shopping prowess...
i was researching an article yrs ago and found these cool industrial designers who made ceramics and furniture and stuff and i spread their good name around and they have gone on to develop into OEUF -- a company that makes lovely baby stuff

but i digress - back to the dolls !
support the cottage industry dollmakers! the pierced! the tattoed! the marginalized! the deranged!

also, if anyone knows about dammit dolls (which i used to buy in the Senior Ctr in downtown Yellow Springs), pls send comments...i gotta do some more research (but it's 1:30 am)

oh - last AC chemo is this Friday! then no more til 2006!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sv,
i went on and saw a site and it was so cool. you are always in the know about this stuff. thanks. i want some for me!!! 3 cheers for end of chemo for 2005! xxoo maria

5:02 PM  
Blogger sv said...

loads of people are drooling over peach moonstone earrings you have me. i love em and haven't taken them off...

12:38 AM  

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