Tuesday, January 10, 2006

about that wine-o

the other day i started explaining what the nutrionist/grad student at msk told me.
i DIDN'T get to the part where my onco disagreed w/her about the wine! she said a glass or 2 a nite is ok (my problem was that 2 glasses was just to whet my whistle in the old swingin days before cancer, but anyhow...) and that alcohol is not really linked to BC.
interesting as it is mentioned in most books i read too.

she did say that sugar is not good for cancer - in fact, i read something about cancer having more glucose receptors - anyway, the sugar problem has something to do w/forcing yr body to work hard to make insulin,etc. but that is as far as i can remember. my brain just shuts down sometimes when it does not want to hear things (like, you may not eat a big bowl of ice cream every nite and candy bars whenever you feel like it without worrying ever again)

another theory she has that i barely remember is that many operations can bring on cancer. it's kind of like the "we all have cancer in us, it just hasn't surfaced yet theory". that the cancer cell is dormant, white blood cells or whatever other antibodies she talked about are keeping it in check. then you have an operation, you need to heal, your white blood cells, etc. are needed elsewhere, they let down their guard of the cancer cell, and it's able to start recruiting other cells to make a nice little cozy tumor home for itself.
she drew this all out on the back of my chart so i wasn't able to study it later.
i doubt my chemo-addled brain would understand it now anyway. i went out the other nite w/kim and ted for dinner and was amazed at how i could barely speak or explain anything or keep my train of thought on track.
man, i thought motherhood made you dopey but this is ridiculous.

time for bed. no more 4 hour naps like today! i thought i'd close my eyes before going to pilates class at my friend's place, but when i woke up it was 3 and time to see the kids. for someone who has never enjoyed napping - who usually needs earplugs, an eyemask, pillows on my head and white noise in order tonod off - i'd say that was quite a productive day.

my boss is my body. my boss told me to sleep. i complied, exceeding the boss's expectations. a job well done.


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