Sunday, January 08, 2006

back it up...

so a refresher...
first, all the stuff i said about not calling or bugging me back in the beginning...i'm past that stage. that was mostly to protect the kids and myself from info overload. i'm ok at the mo w/questions...makes me feel like i am still the special cancer poster girl.
second, and this is a very minor point, if i am lucky enough to receive a warm and wonderful hug from one of you, please go gentle on me. most people are righties, which means they squeeze hard or pat my back on the left side - which is my bad side. that saline valve is still sticking out about an inch from my left ribcage...anyway, you get the idea. air kisses hollywood style are always welcome (especially if you have strep throat or something).

so to recap...
on tuesday, i went in for new chemo - taxol/paclitaxel. the infusion takes 3 hrs. they start off w/a bag of decadron (isn't that a geomtric shape w/10 sides? anyway, the name is close to that) - a steroid that makes me feel like going kickboxing. No, really, it's to avoid an allergic reaction to the real chemicals. Next comes a bag of Benadryl - once that goes in, you just TRY to stay awake.
then the looong taxol drip. no wonder most people are asleep when i look in the chemo cubicles. i had rebecka j w/m which was great - lots of time to catch up.

the day of chemo i was fine, next day has phys therapy which i LOVE - get to shoot the breeze w/Donna Della Rosa about her little niece in queens, then the neupogen the next afternoon, i was fading fast. That night and the next 2 days were extremely achey/breaky. it helped to punch my legs or layy on the floor and kick my legs so that my feet pounded my butt like a meat tenderizer. sleeping was hard - didn't take enough tranquilizers. last nite it had subsided enough for me to go sit thru a kids dance performance at DTW. today was much better.

ok, enough about me. how's by you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is back it up from jackson's fav. gwen stefani song about the car..?
i just want you to know..i'm reading the blog all the time.. the winter..everyone has the flu and is sick..
righhhh? (say it like lu!)
see yah thurs.

10:12 PM  

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