Saturday, January 07, 2006


i’m breaking the cardinal rule of blogging - thou must commit to daily entries
i just keep waiting for the right time, the right frame of mind
also, now that i’ve been told that people actually read this, there’s a little pressure...

so my doctor has switched to tuesdays - it appears that Larry Norton - the head of MSK breast cancer ctr - couldn’t handle all his patients so he asked Dr Bromberg to work on tuesdays too.
anyway, it was a surprisingly leisurely visit. i had time to ask lots of questions - the answers to which i promptly forgot...
let’s see:
i double cked the nutrition info w/her that the grad school student nutritionist there had told me
1. limit soy products (they contain estrogen which my cancer needs to avoid). When I asked if my girls should avoid tofu and edamame also, she said that eating soy early in life seems act preventatively.
2. have organic dairy products - no recombinant bovine growth hormones (which upon cursory googling, seems to be an ingenious invention of Monsanto - the folks who brought us AGENT ORANGE).
3 limit alcohol SEVERELY - we’re talkin one glass every blue moon. this, of course, was very alarming news and reminded me that i may have to ck out AA meetings as well as breast cancer support groups (actually, i’ve had very little wine during chemo - no taste for it or support groups - and i figure i’ve got enough poison goin on). maybe later i’ll start that “mothers who drink” column i've thought about (see for reference).

much more catching up to do but too tired/achey now from the Taxol (paclitaxel) and the neupagen/neulasta shot that i got Wed. (although these white blood cell booster shots hadn't bothered me much in the past). I just read that this achiness is supposed to go away w/in a few days. It is distracting me enough at the mo, that i think I'll stop for now...


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