Monday, January 16, 2006

i miss spam

now that i disabled the spambots, i miss them.
they made lively conversation.
sure, they talked about highway construction equipment a little too much, but at least they WROTE!
let's see if they write me back tonite since i mentioned the you-know-what...
pathetic, i know.
anything to avoid going thru my %&*$&%(()Q insurance.
can you believe that i actually got a letter from United Healthcare saying they'd made a mistake and want me to send them BACK the money they gave me?!!!!
of course, i thought it was generous of them to pay for my psychopharmacologist bill, but as i haven't submitted one in a long time, i just took the money to the bank and didn't look back.
now i HAVE to write the bastards a check because i'm still hoping to collect a couple Gs for other stuff.
i have to call them tomorrow anyway re: a claim denial - the reason? ILLEGIBLE. akldfidfelkanrel.


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