Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i swear...

swore i'd do the daily blogging thing - just to get in some more "writing" time, but i jes don't feel like it sometimes.

like friday, after going to see brokeback mountain. the movie that is sad sad sad every single minute it is flickering on the screen. squandered youth, missed opportunities, lost love, deceipt, bitterness, humiliation, all lassoed into a neat like pack that's dragged uphill by a mule. in a hailstorm.
do i have a future in movie review?

anyway, that was supposed to be a wild and crazy girls day off for me and rie - she was in between jobs for a day and i am on my chemo vacation as you all know. time is running out for me to play reality hooky, so i needed to get a daytime movie in. 11 am. i was so depressed the rest of the day. luckily the girls came home or i would have stuck my head in the oven or something. i can't even say if these actors/directors/etc did splendid work - i suppose they did but i don't see enough movies to be objective. i am just happy to be in a darkened room with no one talking [did anyone read that nyt book review about why movies move us so much? i didn't find it very enlightening]. and i've cried listening to the hokey AMerican Girl soundtrack cd. so i don't trust myself as a true critic. but then i saw a photo of a smiling sort of goodlooking guy and it was Heath Ledger who looked very little like Ennis which must mean something.

i'm almost over it now but i've just received The Hours from Netflix so GOOD TIMES HERE I COME!

today donna - my phys therapist- told me i'm doing so well that she doesn't need to see me for a while.
another sad day! i love donna! i love her queens accent and the stories she tells about her niece and her boyfriend and her brother who had a small role on the Sopranos (she treated Paulie Walnuts a few times and said he is exactly like his character - w/a mesh wifebeater tank on and a badaboom girlfriend)

gotta pick up jo...


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