Tuesday, January 17, 2006

make sure you read the comments

at the bottom of each post is a tiny # of comments - click on it to leave or read yr feedback PLEASE

and thanks to b for the tip on this artsy mcsweeney's humor:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, sv. i haven't been able to read in a couple weeks, so it's nice to catch up with you thru words and pix. you look great, and i'm always interested to hear what's happening and what you're picking up at msk. even without mind-numbing drugs, i have a hard time understanding complicated medical info, so i'm quite impressed at what you relay of what the docs are saying. the surgery theory is really interesting. hmmm. and the debates over sugar and alcohol and their potential connections to bc. despite amazing advances, a lot of uncertainty remains, aye?

thinking of you and sending big, non crunching euro-style kisses your way. young charlie owes you and lou a personal thank you note for your recent shipment of overwhelmingly swell gifts, and i've been badgering him to get on that. he's just so busy squeaking like a squirrel and nodding his head in time to jingles for muffler repair on the radio that his usual miss manners punctuality has slipped. but i will continue badgering, because they really were so incredibly swell.

xo love, love to you, big lou

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps: i miss those spam posts too. "Gosh, what a nifty blog you've got! Can I interest you in a heavy-duty purple Herculon sofa, no money down?"

my initial reaction to them was, IS NOTHING SACRED!!??? but then after a while their perniciousness became just sort of sad/funny. ah, the world. it can be so very cheesy.

4:28 PM  

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