Friday, January 27, 2006

only 1 vote

only 1 vote cast in my survey...
i was being sarcastic anyway
i threw the toothpaste out
but if anyone cares to comment pls see the preceding entry!
you might enjoy it - or better yet, you might be completely repulsed

met Karen D for a very uptown lunch yesterday at Sarabeth's, checked out Phoebe Cate's store Blue Tree (she was there and i had a major flashback to 8th grade - standing in the paper shop in Brightwaters buying my first issue of Seventeen magazine w/Phoebe in full metal braces on the cover!), then saw the Sarah Bernhardt show at the Jewish Museum.

2 things about the show
- didn't realize she was a decent sculptor too and made this very cool knife w/an organic seaweed and barnacle kind of handle

- her motto was QUAND MEME which they interpreted as "no matter what" but we thought of as WHATEVER.
can any francophiles help w/this translation?
i bought a pillbox w/this inscription - another artifact of life during BC.

it's freezing today but i'm going to the apple store for a mac/ipod class - all you youngsters can laugh.

i'm also busy researching how to get the kids' school to switch to organic milk (even tho my kids don't drink milk) instead of bovine growth hormone milk. my onco is appalled that they serve that. here's an article about how rgbh etc. is particularly bad for breast and colon cancers.
insulin is a growth factor for breast cancer (which is why i am also supposed to go easy on the sugar these days)

i'm also helping my BC penpal Deb with some naming, etc., for her new gourmet shop opening in Lexington, KY, this spring.

i am proud to say that i've organized and am submitting our flex plan claims FINALLY!
i would rather do CHEMO than do insurance stuff as most of you know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you should read you comments more often!

10:41 PM  
Blogger sv said...

say what?

10:52 PM  

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