Friday, January 13, 2006

pilates, needles, tea, books, hamsters, numbers

yesterday i exercised for the first time in weeks - pilates w/karrie at her new studio 'centered' on 14th st.
ck out she just started so most classes are practically private sessions! tell your friends.

i also had acupuncture which made me so relaxed i was loopy - my friend sarah - also on 14th st. (no website yet)

then i went to thé adoré to meet maira (kalman- please buy your kids all her books and buy yourselfher genius illustrated version of Strunk and White's THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE - make sure you watch the video preview of the book!).
anyway, i was early so i ordered a tea to go and sat outside. when she arrived we went in and they told me i couldn't take the tea to a table - even tho i'd just bought it there. so they dumped it and gave me my money back and i ordered another tea from the waitress upstairs. only in a japanese cafe.kooky!!!
as an auction donation, maira offered to do a portrait of someone's pet. Ladies and gentlemen, i give you....Nigel.

i had my laptop w/me during tea so i showed maira my friend suzi's insanely amazing obsessively compulsively beautiful number collages. her work will be at the LA ART FAIR w/the Morgan Lehman Gallery Jan 26-29 booth #25


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