Monday, January 16, 2006

taxol tuesdays

forecasting an achey wk due to taxol tomorrow. will try to remember the info my dr. gives me this time so i don't make her sound like a total quack.

i'm having a hard time blogging since i read fellow blogger and former bc patient's story of how she's going ice climbing at Ouray - just a few wks after finishing chemo. i don't think my post chemo life will include events as exciting as that, folks. maybe that i cleaned out my closet (i'm not promising anything here, mind you), maybe that i finished filing all the flex plan paperwork, but climbing frozen waterfalls in colorado? nope.

probably the last real excitement i had was crashing that wedding last year. unfortunately, i was found out - that cheap, ill-fitting disco dress was probably the tip-off. here's a foto of me being "escorted" off the dance floor by the bride's brother. sometimes not even ted muehling jewelry and sigerson morrison shoes can save you...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks, i needed that laugh! did t take that photo? is that why i have not seen that yet?! oh, i can't wait for the cd!!! where was i when this was happening? thanks again as i go back to my couch and hot tea...mia

4:04 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

Hey, best wishes today!!! I'm thinking about you.

2:18 PM  

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