Thursday, January 19, 2006

taxol TWO

had second taxol on tuesday.
benadryl had the strange effect of ALMOST making me fall asleep, yet at the same time my legs were aching to be stretched. couldn't tell if this was just a psychosomatic reaction to the damn IV in my arm for 3 hours or the uncomfortable chair. also got a darvon shot for low red blood cells. left a big bruise on my arm.
wednesday i had the neulasta shot which means that achiness starts setting in today. big headache. my osso bucco (femurs) are barking too.
i really hate failed nap attempts. so unproductive. i tried for almost 2 hrs yesterday - all i got were teaser dreams - mini-trailers for what could be a dream if i could just fall asleep! oh god, this is so boring.
(tuck was out last nite and i knew i'd be on bedtime duty until nearly 10 - jo has taken to 2 ankle massages and a back rub after i brush and braid her hair. trying to talk her into doing locks of love)
anyway, i'm sure you'd love to hear MUCH MORE about how i have such a hard time sleeping during the day while you're all at work or changing diapers or climbing ice waterfalls - actually STAYING AWAKE and DOING SOMETHING. however, it's time for bed.


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