Sunday, January 08, 2006

to quote bugs bunny...

Hare today, gone tomorrow...
I tried to shave the uneven topography that is my skull yesterday - no matter how i buzz it, there are entirely blank patches -like some aerial map of an arid country. no trace of a hair folicle at all. i suppose this is no news to some of my friends.
Eyebrows still intact, eyelashes appear to be thinning but I hear from Ms. Freedman that there is one place in NYC that gives you a 3 mth eyelash dose.
one one hand, sign me up - on the other, whatever
like i said, hair today...

the aches seem to have subsided. if it's only a few days w/each treatment, i can deal with that. like B said, think of it as the flu.
which reminds me that one of the reasons i think i am NOT the best patient is that i have been too healthy thus far (if there is such a thing). i can't remember the last time i had the flu, i've rarely dealt with hospitals or doctors, so every little mouth sore and ache seems pretty monumental.
but then i think about this girl i saw in Dee & Dee on 14th St before xmas. i'd gone out to buy some more wrapping paper and the store was busy w/people who are scrounging just to buy gifts at this crappy store that smells like roach spray. i saw a teenage girl who had the most disfiguring skin disease. like leprosy - her features were barely recognizable amid a mass of bumps and lumps. so whenever i start feeling self-conscious about my appearance i think of that girl trying to go out and lead a normal life in NYC. but then as i write this i realize i sound like "think of all those starving children in africa and eat your dinner." there is always someone worse off than you. which translates to, everyone is entitled to complain - you just have to know your audience.


Blogger Mike said...


I really enjoyed your blog.
Keep up the good work as people like you keep the Internet personal and fun.


3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just so you know, i check your blog nearly every time i look at my emails, apx 2 times a day. i worry when i don't see any news on you. i wanted to see you this week but, i have a cold-one you don't want-that is hanging on.
so, thank you for letting us all know what's up and how you are feeling. we love you sv. we all want this to be over for you.
big xo maria

5:30 PM  

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