Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hit Me With Your Bird Shot

an exciting foto of jacqui and i on the last chemo day.

i pay homage to pat benatar and her twin, cathy cervenka, in this post title.

who'd a thought DIck Cheney would upstage my last day of chemo?
wanna join his gun club?
i actually laughed out loud [with chemo friend, natalie, and her pal, clarice] at the bc center while recounting jon stewart's coverage. it felt strange and inappropriate and just what the dr ordered.

i felt badly that i didn't organize gifts for jackie and karen - i saw very few roses around the offices. anyway, i'm going to ted's to get them something good since they've been great overall. it's just unfortunate that i went in for dr's visit at 10:30 and wasn't done until 6.

tuck came to the visit task questions so that was helpful,[ i'll write up the Q/A tomorrow.]
then b came as always to chemo. even got the sweet nurse churley...just like the first time.

no neulasta shot tomorrow since i don't need to boost up white blood cells before aother chemo!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am sooo happy that dick made you laugh on your last chemo day...that is priceless! crazy world we live in. thank god for jon stewart! xo mia

8:46 AM  

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