Wednesday, February 08, 2006

kmart or marc jacobs?

I couldn’t sleep last nite due to another harrowing episode of “Jo hates homework” involving lots of tears and cajoling thru a crack in the bathroom door. It has been really stressful for all of us. I know that may sound like an exaggeration to those w/out kids but when yr child sobs, “I WANNA DIE!” it rattles your nerves a bit. [a long story, but I’ll cut to the frivolous stuff now]

had a nice lunch at thé adoré w/susan s. during which we discussed all the crap jo has had to deal with this year and how well she’s doing considering. thanks for reminding me, susan. DUH! why are we overlooking the most obvious thing? why are we not praising this child every day for keeping her s&$t together? anyway, i linger too long on the meaningful things in life.

after lunch, i was very busy having a stomach ache for about an hour and a half. [stomach aches are one of my chief occupations these days]
his was pretty much all the time i had before going to the marc fashion show w/nesli. of course, i figured i had to dress up but the truth is that there were no paparazzi interested in shooting me. here i thought i had an edge over all those tired “haired” women. i even wore my beautiful hermes insect scarf on my “bald” head thinking what an interesting photo that would make - “how chic, how insouciant! les insectes sont partous a sa tete!”

i tried on black pants and black pants, a black shirt and a black shirt, finally deciding on a black undershirt, black shirt, black sweater, pants, socks and PURPLE sigerson morrison pumps. to think i even spend time ironing! the only paparazza outside the show was photographing people drinking the new Tab that she was handing out - or who were wearing colorful, Tab-by outfits.
i think my green down coat, big white lamby hat and jumbo white glasses just scared everyone away.

enough about were the clothes? very dark and kind of stalinist russia meets choochoo charlie. or something. it was in the lexington ave armory which was apparently open for business judging by the camo’d guys in crewcuts walking around. the music was of the pounding anonymous variety. the models were their usual chipper selves, laughing and skipping down the runway.
actually, their hips dragged their disaffected expressions down the catwalk. jauntily. it was hard to tell if they were displaying designer threads or being marched to their death in some siberian work camp.
but there were some very lovely coats, a serviceable long gray cape, a sensible and pretty gray wool dress. gigunda bags - like, so big you could fit at least 2 cats in them.
mostly i enjoyed the spectacle.
and then it was over. what an adrenalin rush.
how to follow that up?

i took the subway to 8th st. afterwards and walked straight into Kmart. the boys collection featured a Clash t-shirt. first martha stewart, then joe boxer, then joe strummer....

i bought a few dishtowels (how glamorous) and when i showed the checkout child my license (yes, i paid w/a credit card for dishtowels- ludicrous as it sounds) he said, "Whoa!"
"You look different."
"Yeah. I had hair."
it was a pretty good license foto if i do say so.

so kmart ended up making my day.


Anonymous julie S said...

Hi SV:
FYI I saw this story on the news last night...

Cancer caps
Air Date: 02/09/2006: WHDH Channel 7 Boston

Reported by: Dr. Deanna Lites

Losing your hair can be one of the hardest parts of undergoing chemotherapy. But what if there was a way to get the treatment without losing a lock?

Bold, bald, and beautiful. Singer Melissa Etheridge wasn't ashamed to 'rock it’--during her battle with breast cancer.

But the truth is, you may not have to lose your hair at all. Thanks to these funny looking blue caps.

Eileen Bradley, Cancer Survivor: “As a woman it’s a very important thing, your hair.”

They’re called ‘Penguin Cold Caps’--designed by a scientist from England, to help chemotherapy patients keep their hair. They worked for Eileen Bradley...who beat two cancers and kept her blonde locks.

Eileen Bradley, Cancer Survivor: “I felt that it gave me so much self esteem and I felt that with that I never looked sick and I felt like I could just keep my dignity.”

Kathy Lewis is on her third chemo treatment, and hasn’t lost a strand.

Kathy Lewis, Cancer Patient: “I am thrilled to have my hair still.”

The caps must be used with your first chemotherapy treatment. And replaced every 35 minutes—before, during and for two hours after.

Kathy Lewis, Cancer Patient: “Your head is freezing during it all.”

The caps are filled with a very cold gel, which prevents the chemo from killing hair follicles.

Frank Fronda, creator, Penguin Cold Caps: “We’re keeping the follicules asleep. While they’re in the sleeping mode they don’t absorb the chemo drugs and therefore preserve the follicle.”

The cancer cap idea isn’t new. Back in the 80’s, similar products were introduced and failed. So some doctors are still skeptical.

Dr. Estape: “They need to be cautioned that they may not work completely that they may have some loss of hair no matter what we do and some drugs it may not work at all for.”

Frank Fronda, creator, Penguin Cold Caps: “And I’ve had that said many times to me and the patients, and I’m very happy to say that over 88 percent of the time they’ve been proved wrong.”

The caps are rented from a facility in California. And they’re not cheap.

Kathy Lewis, Cancer Patient: “It is roughly $60 to $80 a cap which comes out to $600- $800 a month and I will be doing this for 4 months. And it’s well worth it to me.”

But the women who’ve tried them say they’re well worth the price tag.

Eileen Bradley, Cancer Survivor: “If you feel like you still look okay, it’s not as horrible.
I was just so thrilled to keep my hair, I still am.”


9:48 AM  
Blogger sv said...

thanks for the tip
my last chemo is tuesday valentine's day...
if i ever have chemo again, perhaps i'll consider the 600-800 per mth!

10:56 AM  

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