Saturday, February 11, 2006


i just discovered the froogle wishlist option in the 'about me' section of my blog.
i tried out a bunch of random things - let's see if tuck buys the new oven.
now that i'm at the end of chemo, i'd encourage anyone facing illness to start a blog and make a wishlist. everyone has been so generous to me that it's been overwhelming.
but the wishlist thing reminds me of that article in the nyt about the teenage boy who fell into prostitution using a little videocam and email. his johns encouraged him to set up wishlists and they would buy him stuff from it. evil.

so the good/bad news on the boob front:

saw my plastic surgeon nurse the other day
i have lost too much weight to have the operation i wanted - the DIEP flap (in which fat from the stomach is cut out and moves uptown to the old breast).
the good news is
a. thinner is better perhaps?
b. no 5 day hospital stay, no 8 hr microsurgery, no 6 wk recovery period

bad news is
a. no free tummy tuck
b. my choices are now saline or silicone implant or nothing

i can take an implant and then if/when i get a gut again, they can do the DIEP. even 10 yrs from now. i doubt that it would be covered by insurance then. probably just the first reconstructive surgery gets covered - but i'll find out.
also, i have time to decide/see if i gain weight soonish, but do i really want to go thru the summer w/this inflated balloon in my chest and valve sticking out of my ribs? not really.

there's a new generation of silicone implants - pam referred to them cheerfully as "NO BLEED" - that my PS has been approved for. meaning he is allowed to dish em out while others are not. all silicone implants are in a clinical trial phase so you're monitored...i have done zero research in this area as i was convinced this was not the road i was going down. now i'll be cking out style 410 and other globs of fake boobs...except i just looked and there is no 410. oh well.

i went to the msk support group right after the PS visit and there was a woman who went thru a similar sitch to mine. she wanted the DIEP same time as mastectomy, couldn't, thought she'd get saline implant, got silicone AND fixed up the other side w/a little silicone booster...obviously this is not the end of this topic.

i was looking at swimsuits in Land's End for our trip to LA next mth, but i realized i am neither in the 'mastectomy' category nor the 'regular' one. [we're going for the girls spring break- last 2 wks of march- to visit Ed, Kirsten, Violet and Willow in Pac Palisades and going to Twenty-Nine Palms]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, life is not fair. i say that to john when i am feeling down and he says, "life is not supposed to be fair". (ps, pisses me off when he tells me that, what do men know?) BUT, what the freaking hell! a child that says, i want to die, no free tummy tuck, learning that you could have saved your hair with a gel cap...!?! what!? when does it end?! (i can't even remember the rest...have had to block it out)
i am sorry. that is all i can say. that and i love the image of you with that great scarf that ted bought you and gab all those years ago...i bet you rocked that scarf at marc!!! love to all! big xo mia

6:58 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

I know you're bummed about not getting DIEP but here's another upside. If you were to go through the pain & long recovery of DIEP and later lost weight. Guess where you'd lose it? Yup, in your new boob. Then it'd be all skin again and if you gained weight again, it'd return to your tummy and not your boob.

Implants aren't so bad. I've got a PhD in tissue expanders and saline vs. silicone and will be happy to offer you my experience and opinions. If you want them, of course.

11:51 PM  
Blogger sv said...

thanks, michelle
good point about the DIEP
guess i was just really into that bonus tummy tuck taking care of my "elephant tummy" as my kids so sweetly call it

would love to hear yr thoughts - anyone who's climbing w/implants has got to know their stuff

10:45 AM  
Blogger sv said...

found the info about the kind of implants my PS doc would give me

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:00 PM  

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