Thursday, March 09, 2006

high anXIETY

does this title ring a bell, mel brooks fans?

went to the support group today w/two other BC friends, meredith and natalie - we were the larry, curly and moe of bald pates.
one of the main topics was the crippling anxiety that sets in post-treatment.
this isn't just neurotic, too much time on yr hands worry- as per my usual.
it's 'I just finished chemo -yippee! and oh SHIT!'

the feeling translates as "the drs have stopped poisoning me w/chemo/radiation, etc. and now i am a living, breathing breeding ground for evil errant cancer cells hell bent on my ulitmate destruction." ok, perhaps that's a little dramatic but didn't it sound kind of cool?

apparently, there had been a woman in the group who went thru treatment like many of us - then 4 yrs later, had a backache that turned out to be cancer in her bones. ugh. not what you want to hear. i think she got transferred to the metastatic support group...

another thing that people said was that it was isolating when their friends didn't understand the lacklusterness of ending chemo. (not that any of you have treated me this way). but this is a really hard mindset to grasp unless you've walked the post-treatment walk.


Blogger answer-man said...

ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Einat said...

Is everything ok??????

I'm past my 3rd AC. Hope all is well. Have been meaning to write - will do - promise!

Take care,

7:50 AM  

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