Monday, April 17, 2006

brave new body

i did it.
i made a date with my new boob.
may 11th is D-day - well, more like B-day

i cannot convince myself that silicone will not leach into my bloodstream and eliminate the brain cells that have all the lyrics to my favorite 70s songs memorized. therefore, i am getting the fake-looking, fake-feeling, sloshy saline implant. sounds attractive, no? i tell everyone it's fake anyhow for christ's sake.

i thought, since they're cutting me open again, why not have 'em remove a few ribs and a couple inches of beef?
now THAT'S what i call an hourglass figure!


Anonymous Deedee said...

Hi Sarah. Tucker just reminded me of your blog. It's like being in the same room with you. Fabulous. Am very afraid of saying something offensively dumb, so I'll just send you my love. I think about you both a lot. Come to Bali.

2:18 AM  
Blogger sv said...

hey deedee!
thanks for writing - all the way from bali!
are you in a cyber cafe or do u have wi-fi on the mountain?
we'll make it there someday

2:33 PM  
Blogger Diana Darling said...

Not cyber cafe, not wi-fi. We generally have dial-up, which is as expensive as it is slow. Also, we've moved from the mountains down into town (Ubud is hardly a town, but no longer just a village). We live in my husband Agung's family compound, in a kind of townhouse that we built two years ago. It's all very cute. There are about 20 other family members in the compound, which is cozy. But my internet life is at work. I have a full-time office job as copywriter for a jewelry designer (John Hardy), and we have broadband over here. As you can imagine, I don't have a lot to do.

Good idea for you to write. It seems to get harder the more we do it, but do get on with it.

You're a great girl.


9:08 PM  

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