Saturday, April 22, 2006


as in, i am such a
actually had something to do on a friday nite and FORGOT
just sat in my pjs and emailed and then watched part of that revolting movie 'requiem for a dream'
why do people like those kinds of movies? why do they make them? why did i watch it?

meanwhile, i missed michael shelley's show at Lakeside Lounge - ck out his site and buy his cd's all lovers of pop rock ballads.

got the new paper magazine today and was bummed to see an article about Tord Boontje - the designer of those lacey, flowery lites. he was my roommate in bklyn about 15 yrs ago and i wanted to write about him 2 yrs ago, so naturally i am annoyed that someone else wrote it for paper (i used to be a frequent contributor).

which leads me to the podcast from slate i heard yesterday entitled, "Stop Blogging and Start Writing" - not that i even blog that much either. i just don't feel like i'm getting much accomplished...especially now that the weather is nice, i'm not even cleaning my closets anymore!

it's supposed to rain this wkend, but i've been reading "Freeing Your Child from Anxiety" and feel that i've let jo's avoidance go on for too long, so i WANT to take her on the subway. somewhere/anywhere.


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