Monday, April 10, 2006

re-construction and genetics

just to make my monday REALLY exciting, i scheduled back to back appts w/the plastic surgeon, then the genetics folks at msk.
actually, if the PS weren't 2 hrs behind schedule it would've been leisurely.
here's what he said:

too little fat to do the DIEP flap operation (fat tissue from stomach cut away using microsurgery - moved to boob) but he COULD do an old school style pedicle TRAM - an operation he doesn't really do anymore. however, in my case he would use the muscle to build the breast. then add an implant.
the point of one of those autologous operations is that you wouldn't NEED an implant.
but the nice man was thinking of a way to rid me of my unsightly elephant abdominal skin AND give me a new boob. all for one low, low price.

i have to admit, it is very tempting to get the washboard ab that mother nature has denied me for well-nigh my entire life, but my attitude about myself and elective plastic surgery has always been: if i fix something, the next day i'll get run over by a crosstown bus. could be my catholic guilt acting up. and reconstruction IS elective. i don't feel the world owes me a new knocker just because i had a defective one. people who have lungs or arms or other parts removed don't always get a new one...this is a bonus. and with it come some minuses.

so, i could do a saline implant : problem here is that they're not offered in as many flavors as the silicone sisters. he'd have to compromise on shape/projection - meaning old style wide, high, and probably too full. then, the other side would be way off kilter so he'd tighten that up which would shrink it a bit (fine), but in the end, they might still be uneven and i'd need a little implant on the good side to even em out.
i wasn't clear if that would definitely occur/if it would happen in 2 operations, etc.

silicone - of course, this is every PS's choice! they love it. the new gummy, cohesive gel implants have not even been around a year, i think. they have many difft types based on 2 criteria - volume, projection, height - w/out going into detail, it would be a better match and i wouldn't need a fixer upper implant on right side - just the mastopexy or breast "lift"
safety? his argument is that heart valves and knee joints and lots of other med devices are made of silicone - and they actually have to work whereas an implant just hangs there.
meanwhile, i've been reading the studies on the manufacturers' own website and that does not inspire confidence at all! something like a 30% approx rate of replacement or rupture in 5 yrs? there's a lot of maintneance on these. not to mention, what does having silicone leached into yr system do to you 20 yrs later? how do you even notice a small leak?
lots of questions, i know.
i just can not rest easy. how can i be sure the silicones are totally safe altho tons of people get em? i mean, the drs handing out thalidomide also thought they were "doing no harm". it's not like drs and the scientific community never make mistakes.

ok, i'm falling asleep as i type. no offense to anyone - i'm just paranoid about these things (remember, i cried in high school after i got my ears pierced.)

OH WAIT! i had such an insane dream last nite- i was being chased...some bounty hunter woman wanted to capture me and bring me to this leader. i tried to injure myself to get out of it, splashing acid on me.
i told a friend to throw a rock at my boob so that it would deflate.

there was a giant ship out at sea. it was filled with 17,000 pounds of lasagna!!!!!!!!!!
get it? the lasagna (brought to the recovering patient), inflicting injury on myself (elective surgery), being brought to the leader (who was black like my plastic surgeon), etecetc
eyes are really shutting.,..........


Anonymous Beth Rosenberg said...

omg..the lasagna dream is killing me..i lol and i'm happy to say, i ate some of that lasagna and it was damned good!
the mind plays funny tricks when we're tired. did the rock at the boob part happen in the dream too..or was that real?

i luv ya.b

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Beth Rosenberg said...

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9:48 AM  
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