Friday, April 07, 2006

so little time...

chatting takes up a lot of time, yet is so vital to our lives
this is how the 5th grade documentary reel in my head runs...the above line is spoken by a man w/a deep, buttoned down voice.

and the film is playing merely to introduce the fact that i am woefully behind in recording many factoids of my recent and continued existence! yet i am rich in conversations - been catching up w/the nyc crowd, school/camp issues, doing post-vacation laundry. but wait, i'll try to backtrack and add some scintillating details:

we return to NYC sat nite, April 1 - as in "Ha Ha, you DON'T have a view of the ocean, a lemon tree in your yard (or even a cactus) or even a yard! APRIL FOOL, sucker"

Sunday the 2nd is a beautiful springy day in NYC, but all i can think is 'big fat f(*^ing deal! now the sun is shining on the concrete and soot! and there is like one flowering tree around - how delightful. we go to washington square park, where my days of actually enjoying myself ended about 5 yrs ago. i decide to go pick up some groceries for dinner at Trader Joe's. little did i know that while i was away, the denizens of NYC became even MORE INSANE than ever, quietly colluding to actually line up outside the store. i turn around in disgust and go buy a few things in Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck, as my pal, Michael Shelley calls it).
Please tell me none of you lined up for TJs? i can't handle the idea of begging to be let into a store to buy groceries. that's just too depressing, when i had just been at the Santa Monica famrer's market a few days earlier buying artichokes as big as my head and sampling 4 different kinds of dates from the date farmer dude and buying dried persimmons and jujubes, etc.
and i finally got in a ruainy tuesday am. by the end i was getting a bit impatient but i had such sweet help - the bagger guy asked where i was from.
"Um, Long Island" i say
"Oh, I thought you were from Israel or something because of your scarf"
nope - nothing exotic - just a little chemo-induced head accessorizing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know, the city is a hard place to live. let's pick up and move to la like kate and bill and 100 other friends and family...they must know something we don't...i want all your info on CA for when i go out in june. call me if you can do something tues or wed. xo mia

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps i have not nor will i go to trader vicks or whatever it is called. m

3:27 PM  

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