Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Stop Blogging, Start Writing"

That was the title of the podcast that changed my life.
[Well, not really, but I haven't been blogging much, have I?]
The podcast was the sorrowful tale of a Bklyn lass whose ambition was/is to write the great American novel, but her faithful old blog turned on her, forming a roadblock between her and her dream.
She had to choose.
I think her name was Sophie - let's call her that anyway.
So she killed her blog.

Wow. I know - it's a heavy story. Why do u think I've been gone so long?

The original purpose of MY blog was to create an open forum in which to discuss my boobs - oh, and breast cancer....
But my unemployment checks have run out and it's time to make these fingers dance on the keyboard for money.

"But SV," you say, "Do you, the mother of two children, really want to prostitute your digits that way? That is a long hard row to hoe, Ho (ho ho ho)."

I know, but Mama's got a shoe habit -- I ain't willing to "Payless." Besides, didn't you see "Weeds"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know about that shoe one myself. i won't do payless either! i am a shoe snob. i can't help it! i tried to buy a pair of 89.99 aldo's the other day and i just thought they looked so cheep-they were. (they were $50 over priced) looked like something jessica simpson would have worn if she did not make 50 mil a year and was still in texas.
i feel your pain sv.
go mama go! xo

6:06 PM  
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