Monday, May 01, 2006

change of plans

have changed reconstruction surgery date to May 25
this allows me to get the results of my genetic testing on May 22
if i'm positive for BC gene mutation, i would get a prophylactic mastectomy on the right (and leave the expander in on the left, i guess)- and then take ovaries out at some later date
if i'm negative, i'll just do the reconstruction surgery as planned

the chances appear slim that i'd test positive so i'm not THAT worried - just a weeny bit

it's funny tho about these choices...pros and cons carry different weights for everyone
the woman that i met on line who also used my PS had stage 0 BC. she got a bilateral mastectomy - BOTH! her dr. sent her to talk to a shrink he thought it was so nuts. but she said she never wanted to worry again. then she got silicone implants - which is something i totally worry about.
me, i'd rather keep my real breast a while longer and just be vigilant about checking to see if i ever get a new cancer, but skip the silicone cuz i'm afraid of some other ill effects.

BTW, it's considered a second primary cancer if you get it on the other side - it's not that the cancer metastisized to the other breast - when cancer metastisizes it goes to other places like bones, liver, brain, etc. so if i do get a new cancer on right, i'd go thru the chemo etc. when it/if it happens.


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