Friday, May 26, 2006

mission accomplished

as expected, surgery in the am, home by the pm
drive by surgery is such a pleasure
quite a different scene from the first time tho
a beautiful sunny day - didn't have to leave the house in darkness
took a photo in the waiting room bathroom but this time it was to document the existence of the freakish expander and say goodbye to it - also, farewell to the right breast as i knew it - it served me and my children well, but in the interest of symmetry, it will be hoisted up to new gravity-defying heights.
purple dots have sprung up where the horrid port once was - dr gayle joked, "now you want me to leave IN the port, right?"
he drew dots and dashes on me in special sterilized purple marker while two young men looked on - a resident and an intern or something. whatever. i could take my shirt off in front on 14th st now if my dr. told me to. the more official of the two, said "she expanded nicely" or something like that. i guess the bigger the better in the expansion world.

already, i can tell i look much more normal...i still have the hospital bra on as instructed. but the skin above the bra line is no longer bulbous on the left side. this is worth it already.
my skin is crawling with itchiness tho - the velcro closure of the bra, the steri=tape over the sutures...worse than the pain which is not too bad. a vicodin this am and this evening makes it totally bearable.

thanks to all of you who've been sending good wishes, etc. i received them all very gratefully.


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