Tuesday, May 23, 2006

surgery thursday

been a bit preoccupied...
i'm working on a little article for BUST mag about cool British mags due by thursday since that is when i'm having the implant exchange and a lift on the other side (mastopexy). i don't know what time the operation is - i call in the nite before to find out. which reminds me that i have to find someone to sleep over here or send the girls elsewhere cuz it might be at 6 am again. damn. have not been thinking this thru i guess!

busy lately - tuck's been away, bday parties, tap dance recitals, therapists (mine and jo's new one - going well!), visitors, ICFF this wk. also, stopped drinking alcohol completely - too worried about health and too hard to just have 1 glass of wine once in a while (what is the point?!)

back to work...more when i finish this


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