Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cosmetics and Cancer? Parabens, etc...

you know those emails you get in your inbox with subjects like SEND THIS TO ALL THE WOMEN YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
then it's a long story about tampons containing asbestos or shampoo cleaning motor oil off garage floors, etc.
well, now i'm finally gonna find out the truth!
i've been talking/wondering about cosmetics that contain parabens (nearly all do - you really have to look and spend to find ones without 'em) but can only take in so many threats to my health at a time...
here's the info from

Date: Jul 19
From: 6:00 PM To: 7:30 PM

Marian Feinberg, Environmental Health Coordinator, For a Better Bronx, will discuss carcinogens and hormone discrupting chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. She will also provide guidelines to help women research and evaluate items on their own. Of equal importance will be a discussion of the role that cosmetic companies play in breast cancer research and the breast cancer movement. Opportunities for advacacy around these issues will be presented.

SHARE Main Office
1501 Broadway
Suite 704A
New York, NY 10036

Phone: (212) 719-0364
Fax: (212) 869-3431
Directions: Between W. 43rd & W. 44th Sts.
Note: Please bring photo ID.
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the unveiling

nurse pam peeled off the tape on thursday to reveal....drum roll,, bruising and some big scars.
well, what did you expect?
the funny thing is that the left side - la sinistra (sp?) - the ersatz boob - is the one that looks more normal to me.
i mean, "normal."
this is the start of a whole new normal.
or a whole new abnormal.
she casually mentioned that as the swelling subsided i'd be experiencing some strange sensations...oh, like say, an electric shock, sharp pain, tingling, etc. and symptoms can last for 6 mths to a year. HELLO? wanna mention that crap before the surgery? next time!
i'm kind of kidding, but it is hilarious and/or horrifying how the drs/nurses just toss off these lines...
i didn't even get a chance to ask what the little pin pricks were spaced evenly across the top of my chest. it also looked like someone dropped a scalpel on my breastbone cuz i had a crooked little cut there. OOPS! guess that eager young resident got all sweaty-palmed when it was his turn to play.

so i keep the sport straightjacket on until next thursday - that'll make 2 wks. then i can wear whatever i want, and i should start using silicone gel, tape on a silicone sheet OR use vitamin e 2x/daily to reduce scarring. i've heard the sheet thingy works best but isn't that just doing what i was trying to avoid? forcing my body to ingest silicone? oh, christ, at this point, just gimme the boobs and let's get this over with.

i've gotten a few of these drive-by mastectomy bill petitions - sign it now and send to your friends. it only takes a second. believe me, you do not want anyone you know to have a walk-in mastectomy. i was out within 24 hrs of both my girls' births and my mastectomy and that was cutting it close.