Saturday, October 28, 2006

stitch'n time

i love my PS and his nurse
dr gayle and pam are people i would love hang out with
and that's what my nipple surgery was like
i was awake, parts of me were anesthetized, there was a sheet separating my head from my body, so we chatted and hung out
only while i laid there very still, dr g took a skin graft from inner thigh (well, not inner thigh - bikini line - right where the elastic hits) then make a circle and fashioned a new nipple.
i'm too tired to go into details right now but it is starting to look sort of realish
the gdamn skin graft stitches HURT tho - not on my numbed chest, in my crotch.
i screamed when i got in a cab this morning
yow. no sudden movement and not a lot of flexibility in the legs. plus the line of stitches is kinda lumpy looking. not super attractive. not that my bkini line is something i go around flaunting, but another scar on a perfectly fine part of my body just for a nipple?
yeah, it's nuts, but i'm glad i did it anyway.
big bruise next to the incision. very tender.
nipple is sewn like a little baseball, areola is purplishblack and sewn in place.
the way it works is, a circleof skin from breast center is used to make nipple, the areola is formed from the dark meat of inner thigh, then cleaned up and sewn into the circle.
the nipple may take 3 mths to shrink to a normal size - it's a small gumdrop now.

Friday, October 27, 2006


yes, it's true
nearly one year later
i am rebuilt, better than ever...
got myself a new nipple and a 4 inch scar in my right groin to prove it
i'm a sewing sample
ok, will catch up tomorrow